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SELF-ADHESIVE BUMPERS                                           PAGE 7-12

               FCI carries a full line of self-adhesive bumpers for every application. Our peel
               resistant technology creates a long lasting bond to almost any clean, dry surface.
               These bumpers are abrasion and skid resistant and will not mark, scratch or stain
               almost any surface. The adhesive is engineered to not harden or break over time.
               Available in clear, black or brown on either sheets or rolls.

TEFLON GLIDES             PAGE 13-18

FCI has a complete line of ‘PTFE’ slider glides designed to easily glide over
almost any surface. This material is one of the slipperiest substances ever
developed and has one of the lowest coef?cients of friction of any solid
PTFE is completely unaffected by outdoor weathering and will operate
in extremely high and low temperatures (-240°c to +260°c ).

               FELT PADS                                                       PAGE 19-22

               FCI has self-adhesive felt pads for every application. Designed speci?cally to protect
               hardwood ?oors and furniture, these pads come in a multitude of shapes and sizes
               and can be supplied on both sheets and rolls. Our long lasting felt is available in
               various materials such as ?ber?oss, wool, EVA, heavy duty as well as cork. These
               pads are available in black, white, grey, brown and beige and can be custom cut
               to your speci?c requirements.

NAIL GLIDES               PAGE 23-28

At FCI we carry an extensive line of nail glides to cover all your needs.
For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing nail glides from wear
resistant plastics with numerous bases such as metal, felt, PTFE, rubber etc.
Our welding process ensures that our felt bases will not peel off in almost
any application. These nail glides are available in many sizes, shapes and
colors. Additionally we can custom manufacture these glides to your
speci?c needs.

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