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            FELT GLIDES                                                       PAGE 29-32

            FCI has developed a process of co-molding felt to plastic which creates
            an exponentially stronger bond than traditional glues. This bond will not be
            weakened by temperature or humidity. These felt based glides are available
            in many styles to ?t all types of wood, metal or plastic furniture. Designed to
            protect all types of smooth ?ooring, the felt glides allow furniture to easily
            slide over many non-abrasive surfaces.

CAP GLIDES               PAGE 33-36

Cap glides are designed to ?t over tubing and are available in a vast array
of sizes and materials. These outside ?tting caps/glides can be molded from
PVC, TPR, PP and come in light and heavy duty speci?cations for all types of
applications. These glides will protect all types of ?ooring from hardwood
to slate and tile. These glides come in white, black, grey and clear. FCI is
capable of matching any Pantone colour.

            FLOOR PROTECTORS                                                  PAGE 37-38

            FCI’s easy-to-use Floor Protectors can be placed under the legs of furniture to
            prevent both ?oor and carpet damage. They can also be used to prevent
            casters from rolling.

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