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SWIVEL GLIDES                                              PAGE 39-46

                     FCI has one of the most extensive selection of swivel glides in North America.
                     We carry swivel glides for almost any size and shaped tubing in both imperial and
                     metric. Our basic swivel glides have been engineered to withstand a 300lb pull-out
                     test when properly installed in the correct size tubing. Swivel glides are available in
                     numerous styles and shapes with various types of bases from plastic to metal to felt
                     and come in all types of ?nishes. FCI can also custom manufacture swivel glides to
                     your speci?c needs & requirements.

LEVELERS             PAGE 47-60

For over 25 years, FCI has been the primary supplier to some of the largest
furniture manufacturers in the world. From residential to commercial, of?ce
furniture to store ?xtures, appliances to upholstered goods, we have the
leveller/adjustable glide you need. We can manufacture almost any size
in both imperial and metric. Bases are available in all types of plastics from
nylon to poly to metal in sliding PTFE, non-slip TPV or non-maring felt.
The leveler studs are made from steel and zinc plated to resist corrosion.
Studs can be ?xed or swivel and custom fabricated to any con?guration
you may require.

                     THREADED METAL ADAPTERS                                    PAGE 61-64

                     Threaded metal adapters eliminate the expensive procees of welding female
                     threaded inserts into tube ends. Once installed these adapters are virtually
                     non-removable creating a permanent re-usable thread for levellers etc.
                     Available in both imperial and metric for almost any size round, square
                     and rectangular tubing, these adapters come in many designs for light duty
                     and heavy duty applications. Additionally, they can be threaded for levellers
                     or non-threaded for friction ?t caster stems.


Industrial levellers are designed for heavier applications such as machinery
or over-sized equipment and furniture. These robust levellers have either
plastic bases made from PA66 nylon or high strength carbon steel. Industrial
levellers are designed to absorb machinery vibration and can come with
non-slip pads to keep heavy structures stable.

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